Photography: Oliver Kearon

Visiting Cern for inspiration

Together with Philip Beesley and Jerry Stafford
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Glamour italy

Photography by by Sandrine Dulermo & Michael Labica
Model ; Iekeliene Stange

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Vogue Mexico

Photography : James Macari 

Magnetic Motion by Mathieu Cesar

Backstage at Centre Pompidou


Dress Smart: Iris van Herpen’s Tech-Meets-Fashion Fantasy
The designer imagines the future of wearables.
Part of Style.com’s Fashion x Tech Week.

Wearable technology is an inevitable reality—one day we’ll all be wired in ways we never imagined. But the future of smart fashion isn’t necessarily the fusion of gadgets we already have with what we wear. The beauty in the ongoing collaboration between fashion and tech is how different and creative new solutions will be. For Marc by Marc Jacobs designer Katie Hillier, the future of wearable tech is about seamlessly merging the digital tools we use every day with personal style. For a different perspective, we asked Dutch designer Iris van Herpen to sketch her vision, and she took things in a much more fantastical direction.
“If technology would be unlimited, then a dress that denies gravity would be the first thing I would make,” Van Herpen tells Style.com. “Since skydiving is my favorite thing to do, the dress would make it possible to dance in space in any direction, upside down.” (Some of her current sculptural creations, especially her couture pieces, seem like they already have the capability to do so.)

Not only can her creation defy gravity, it can also translate birdspeak. “As a child I had a jackdaw [a small crow] that also accompanied me toward school. It was sitting on my shoulder and always talking to me,” explains Van Herpen. “I never knew what he was trying to say to me.” This feathered creation could fix all that. “The dress translates the birds talking to you so you can understand their language,” she says.


2000 years of fashion - book

Karin Schacknat shows through this book in a clear way the evolution of clothing and clothing habits in Europe from antiquity to the early 21th century, from gowns to Dolce & Gabbana, the 17th-century lace collar to Iris van Herpen. The many images of clothing from the past are complemented by recent illustrations, film stills and fashion photographs of contemporary designs.
Designers: Balenciaga, Burberry, Coco Chanel, Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo, Iris van Herpen, Issey Miyake, Paul Poiret, People of the Labyrinths, Elsa Schiaparelli, Madeleine Vionnet, Henrik Vibskov, Viktor & Rolf, Vivienne Westwood, Bernard Wilhelm, Yohji Yamamoto

Magnetic Motion runway at Centre Pompidou

Dom Perignon celebrates Iris van Herpen collaboration


The Power of Creation meets the transverse universe of Iris van Herpen

September 4, 2014/PRNewswire/– Last night, on the eve of New York Fashion Week, in presence of the models Anja Rubik and Coco Rocha, Andrew VanWyngarden from the band MGMT, Carmelo Anthony, Kelly Rutherford, the DJ Bob Sinclar and many others, the Dom Pérignon champagne announced its promising new collaboration with world-renowned designer Iris van Herpen: Dom Pérignon Metamorphosis by Iris van Herpen. The occasion revealed the limited editions for end-of-year 2014: Cocoonase, the über-premium, made-to-order piece of art designed by Iris van Herpen, and an exclusive serie of gift boxes featuring a bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004, whose label also inspired the creator.

This exclusive new collaboration combines Iris van Herpen’s forward-thinking aesthetic with the Dom Pérignon champagne’s playful expression, limitless innovation and taste for reinvention. She won the prestigious ANDAM fashion award (2014 grand prize).

Dom Pérignon Metamorphosis by Iris van Herpen marks the end of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 as we know it in its first Plénitude and celebrates its pending metamorphosis into P2, or Second Plénitude of the Dom Pérignon Vintage. All that we know may disappear for a time, but it will rise again – transformed and reinvented.

The new limited edition centers upon metamorphosis: signifying the closure of one period and the birth of another, and a powerful symbol of evolution, transformation and renaissance. Throughout its history, the Dom Pérignon champagne has been intricately linked to the concept of metamorphosis. The spiritual legacy of Dom Pierre Pérignon constantly reinvents itself throughout the ages, selectively choosing when to emerge in the form of a new vintage.


In Cocoonase, Iris van Herpen was inspired by the importance of time in crafting the Dom Pérignon vintages: the agility and speed needed to pick the best grapes at their peak of perfection, versus the wine’s many potent years of active maturation. Cocoonase highlights this duality of time to underscore the singularity of Dom Pérignon wines.

“The name Cocoonase references the butterfly which softens her cocoon shell before she goes into her next stage of metamorphosis,” said Iris van Herpen. “This piece of art houses Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004, symbolically nestled inside of the cocoon structure, and its fine ribs and lines represent a one-way passage out. Cocoonase acts as a shield that protects the Dom Pérignon bottle as it prepares for its metamorphosis.”

Iris van Herpen also designed a limited edition of bottles and gift boxes for Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004.