Making visible a reality that is usually completely hidden from sight, but that surrounds us every day, was an important motive for the design of the Micro collection. Iris van Herpen zoomed in on the world of microorganisms, inspired by the extraordinary work of Steve Gschmeissner. 

This science photographer uses SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) technology to bring the incredible beauty of this parallel world under the spotlight. Van Herpen is intrigued by the fact that the microbe beings are so close to us, but that we know so little about them and that most of them are yet to be discovered.

This led her to design a collection in which handwork and high tech are combined. The results are astonishing sculptural pieces whose forms refer to cell structures, armature, tentacles, or ciliate organisms,  some glow and change shape while being worn. Armored shapes, and scales not only leave the viewer guessing about what they are and where they come from but also invite reflection on the passage from dead matter to living organism.

The collection was a collaboration with milliner Stephen Jones, artist Bart Hess, architect Isaïe Bloch, the 3-D print company Materialise, and for the fifth time with United Nude for the round multi-heeled Fang Shoe.