News | An inspiring book: Naturaliser l'architecture

Henceforth architecture is involved in “matter”, which is turning out to be both effective and capable  of doing away with the distinction between nature and artifice, ushering in a new order of hybridization. How are we to think about this new ecology of design, a condition that is as architectural as it is political and cultural, within which nature and architecture merge? Structured in four parts (Rustic, Geometric, Organic and Ecophysics), ][this is the question that the 2013 this publication intend to answer withe the authors and the projects of forty international architects, artists and designers currently at the forefront of scientific innovation. Including designers are Iris van Herpen, Michael Hansmeyer, Neri Oxman, Isaie Bloch, Julia Koerner, Daniel Widrig and many others. 
The exhibition :