News | Jordan Roth for MET Gala

Celebrating 'tromp l’ oeil’ ~ for this year's Met Gala we are so excited to have created this custom Couture look for the extraordinary Jordan Roth, styled by Michael Philouze.

"As the president of five Broadway theaters, Jordan Roth breathes theatre. We talked about the concept of camp and about exploring the camp of theatre. Part of Jordan’s briefing to me was: 'Put a proscenium around anything, raise a curtain in front of anything, and it becomes performance. Performance is life, framed.’ The look explores the relationship between the fine line of performance and illusion and transforms Jordan into a performance himself.” – Iris van Herpen

The look is multi-layered and initially looks like an optical illusion of a closed theatre curtain. When Jordan raises his arms, thousands of laser-cut ‘glitch-bubbles’ stretch open and reveal a new layer in between these bubbles; the garment stretches into a large spheroid volume of three and a half meters wide. Every movement Jordan makes becomes an amplified wave of theatre that tricks the eyes.

Read the interview that Vogue Runway Director Nicole Phelps had with Jordan Roth and Iris van Herpen. Have an exclusive look behind the scenes, including one of the most special moments – the very first fittings in Amsterdam.