News | Palais de Tokyo exhibition

18 February till 17 May 2015, six of my dresses will be part of the "Le Bord des Mondes" exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, as well as work by Theo Jansen, Tomas Saraceno and many more.
"The exhibition “Le Bord des Mondes” is an invitation to travel to the farthest reaches of creation by revealing the prodigious investigations and inventions of a number of visionaries, beyond the traditional realm of art. ][Situated at the edges of art and invention, the exhibition shatters the borders between worlds, between identified artistic territories and parallel worlds outside of the art system, by exploring the fertile precipice that can bring them together."
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Photo by Ronald Stoops
Model: Michelle den Hollander wearing the Micro dress
Hair and make-up: Inge Grognard