News | Sonomorphic Mirror

Today, launched Sonomorphic Mirror, the film that artist Geoffrey Lillemon and sound artist Salvador Breed worked on throughout the week of broadcasting. The duo have created a dramatic piece that represents the Splash! project in moving image and sound.
From the thousands of stills captured in Nick Knight's water shoot, Lillemon has carefully composed a selection of frames to create his film. Seen from the side and front on, a nude Daphne Guinness appears clothed in cascades of water. The footage, like van Herpen's dress, captures transient moments of chaos. Positioned within an oval frame, Guinness appears as a reflection in a mirror, or portrait.][Lillemon's imagery is accompanied by Breed's sound piece. Describing his aim, Breed says, 'I wanted to describe the magic of transforming moving liquid into a dress.' He did this by combining, stretching and filtering the sound of Guinness singing opera with various recordings of water. The resulting piece is perfectly in sync with Lillemon's visual narrative. As the water hits Guinness' nude figure, its force is audible and it becomes the dominant sound.
Sonomorphic Mirror truly encapsulates the creativity and wonder of Splash! Discover it now to re-live the magic of our LiveStudio with Iris van Herpen.