News | WIRED Smart list 2013

To discover who will shape our future, WIRED asked the people who shape our present. Fifty of the world's brightest minds tell us about one emerging talent whose ideas or influence they think will soon be part of our lives.

3. Iris van Herpen, fashion designer, selects: Martin Hanczyc -- chemist

Martin is a chemist exploring the line between life and non-life. He says: "Over the last 150 years or so, science has kind of blurred the distinction between non-living and living systems, and now we consider that there may be a kind of continuum." His research inspires a future where biology and technology][ will merge into "living technology". He inspires architects for "living architecture", and even for fashion it can mean an important next step towards self-repairing, metabolic, size-fit-changing materials. In a TED talk in 2011 he made the point that we can't discover life beyond Earth if we don't recognise other forms of life than the forms of "life" we know today on Earth. Martin shows us the future of creation: where people are able to create forms of life, technology comes alive and new forms of biology are created. As a designer I find the concept of life and creation coming closer and closer together both hugely exciting and frightening.
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