Since its founding year, the maison of Iris van Herpen has been pushing an interdisciplinary dialogue between nature, architecture, fashion and science. Merging different disciplines in unexpected, thus pioneering ways has been paramount to the maison’s distinctive creative process which can be described as an inextricable bond between traditional craftsmanship and future-facing technology. The mastery of hand and machine has breathed life into a proliferating number of designs which are inspired by nature — from biomimicry of plant membranes and fungi lamellas to the intricacy of feathers and fossils as well as the symbiotic yet metamorphic forces behind water.

Organic femininity and the transformative power that arises from the fluidity of the human body are the canvas on which liquescent layers of fabric form textural and conceptual pieces of art.

Van Herpen’s art to dress has become a permanent fixture in the musea landscape with exhibitions in world-leading museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Victoria & Albert Museum in London and Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Much like the symbiotic relationships in nature that inspire many of Iris van Herpen’s creations, collaborations form the cornerstones of the brand. Artistic collaborations with the best-in-class from all stripes include choreographer Damien Jalet, the performative artist Björk, the kinetic artist Anthony Howe, the trans-disciplinary architect Philip Beesley and the computational artist Neri Oxman, each contributing to enrich creations by the maison. The development is driven by a shared purpose to innovate and to pioneer previously unimaginable ways to create. Rethinking what luxury stands for in the world today, the brand aims to lead the way in sustainable-conscious garments for the future. For its Spring-Summer 2021 ‘Roots of Rebirth’ collection, the atelier has incorporated fabric made from recycled ocean plastic — part of a collaboration with the eco-innovator Parley for the Oceans. The art of dressing envisioned by Iris van Herpen celebrates harmony and a creative community, amalgamating in an alchemical laboratory of sustainability, innovation and collaboration.

“In the future of Iris van Herpen, I hope we help to shape fashion more intelligently, to empower women and to deepen the reasoning of creating fashion, to shape fashion into the fields of science, art, architecture, engineering, biology and to focus on sustainable collaboration with nature at the core of each design. To ultimately celebrate new beauty through ‘the art to dress’.” - Iris van Herpen

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